Creating an official mobile application Kyiv Boryspil

International airport Kyiv Boryspil
Creating an official mobile application Kyiv Boryspil

International airport Kyiv Boryspil is the biggest and the most powerful in Ukraine. It provides about 65% of air passenger traffic of Ukraine, and annually serves more than 8 million passengers. The official web-site of the airport provides a lot of useful information for the passengers. Today more and more people are using smartphones for the Internet information consuming, since visiting the traditional site of the airport via mobile device does not meet the requirements of modern trends.

The main aim for Elegance experts was to create a mobile application that would give an easy access to information about airport services from the screens of mobile devices and provide a new level of airport services interactivity that a modern smartphone can provide.

  • As a result a mobile system Boryspil was developed, which provided easy access to informational resources and interactive airport services for the owners of most modern mobile devices (based on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8).
  • Using the Elegance Airport product, as a basis, allows the airport to create its own information system as soon as possible and without significant capital investment.