Application integration services

Traditionally, IT infrastructure of large and medium businesses consists of a significant number of applications and software systems, created at different times by different developers to automate specific business tasks.

Typically, these systems are not integrated with each other, the data are not consistent. As a result, “cross” business processes support requires significant investment, additionally, issues appear with system development, efficiency all information systems does not meet the organization’s business requirements.

Application integration takes organization to a new level of development, reduce costs, maximize control and in generally, management optimization.

Elegance provides services in design, development and implementation of integration solutions that provide significant reduction in labor costs for administration and processing of information, improve the reliability of data, speed up implementation of the cross-organizational business processes.
Depending on customer’s needs and information systems openness degree, we provide mechanisms to implement integration at various levels, from file sharing, and common user interface to specialized software integration creating using web-services technology and innovative EAI solutions.