Mobile applications development for iOS, Android, Windows

Elegance offers services developing enterprise applications for modern mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows.

The rapid development and availability of mobile technologies made it possible to significantly change approaches to improve business efficiency and raised means of interaction with customers to a new level.

Leading companies are using mobile technologies in all aspects of their activity to provide employees and customers with quick access to the necessary information at any time and in any place.

Elegance Mobile Platform is a result of the company years of experience in the development of information systems.

Designed to work under high load, server side will enable to build a customer’s system on a strong basis.

Unique technologies used for client side will enable to develop mobile applications individually for each mobile operating system. However, a multiplatform core will give possibility to use the time-tested basic client modules.
Windows Azure Cloud computing
The Elegance Mobile server side is implemented on cloud computing platform Windows Azure, allowing our customers to avoid buying special server hardware and carrying about its 24/7 work.

Also, a significant advantage of using Windows Azure is a possibility to almost instantaneous and unlimited scalability of processing power while increasing server load. In this case, payment is done for the already used server resources.
"Turnkey" project
We are focused on performing the full range of activities to create mobile applications and their server side, which integrated with internal corporate IT systems:

  • Requirements and design analysis
  • Creating customized GUI
  • Development and integration with existing enterprise applications
  • Storing of mobile applications in the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store.