Implementation of automated workplace for manager

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
Implementation of automated workplace for manager

Ministry of Defence is one of the largest administrations in Ukraine. Managing of the ministry connected with the publishing and processing a large amount of documentation. During the implementation of electronic docflow management system, a need appeared to develop an effective and simple tool that would enable managers at various levels of the Ministry to conveniently and quickly work out administrative documents.

Company Elegance together with JSC InfoPlus developed a solution that automated the processes, in which the leaders of the Ministry are directly involved:

  • Documentation approval
  • Documentation signing
  • Document processing and blending resolutions
  • Documents search
  • Monitoring of subordinates’ resolutions implementation

Simplicity and elegance of the interface are the peculiarities of the solution. The interface is intuitive and does not require much time to complete. Automated workplace for manager is available for both desktop computers and on any modern tablet based on the most popular mobile operating systems.